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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client with DCC chat/file transfers
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AdiIRC is a free Internet Relay Chat (IRC) multilingual client that allows you to chat over the thousands of existing chat channels on the Web.
Simple and functional, AdiLRC has a simple-line design, but offers all the tools and functions expected from an IRC client: connection to channels, private chats, file transmission, conversation recording and the rest of features of common use at IRC. Moreover, AdiIRC includes few innovations regarding to other programs of its type.

Nevertheless, it has some interesting features, such as the command, slaps, quit messages and "now playing" tags personalization; it includes on-line updating service, an interesting feature that incorporates Winamp on its own interface and allows the user to manage it from the own AdiIRC (it is necessary to have Winamp installed on the same computer). There are also 3 available themes on the author´s page and it allows the use of plugins, some of them already made (5 available on the author´s page) and the making of personalized plugins (API and documentation available at author's website).

It´s configuration includes, by default , two IRC nets in English In the first one, you enter to the developer's channel. In order to add new nets and servers you must use the ’ServerList’ option of the ’Server’ menu.

If the user is familiar with this type of applications, he/she should not have any problems to use it and find out how it works. If he/she isn't , it is recommended to search information about the necessary commands to run it on, because the IRC system usually uses the "old-fashioned" command line. Some details about the basic commands can be found on the author´s page and wikipedia.

To install and execute AdiIRC the computer must have the routines, libraries, and Microsoft NET Framework 2.0 commands installed, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft pages by free.

Sergio A. Durán
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  • Free
  • Includes all the common features used at IRC clients
  • Many customizable options


  • For Windows only
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